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Undergraduate Thesis, 2016

Bachelor of Architecture

Award for Academic Excellence - 1st prize

Award for Thesis - 2nd prize


Academy of Architecture, Mumbai, India

Advisor: Prof. Rohit Shinkre

This thesis aimed at recreating the architecture for the elderly in the urban realm of Mumbai. It provided a better quality of life in the
existing infrastructure of the city where the retired elderly can relive their memories, without opting to move back to their childhood native

The title of the thesis – “School of Unlearning” thus presented a certain idea of unwinding knowledge to others while breaking the notion
of a formal school environment. It brought together different generations - children and the elderly from the same locality, who could interact in an institutional building. The section alongside depicts the daily activities of a senior citizen in a typical urban environment.


Institutionalized care, soon before retirement, provides social and emotional preparedness and gives an opportunity to make the most of the mature years ahead by planning and blending in the new lifestyle in advance.


My grandmother: "I wish I could move back to my native village"

Is it possible to dissolve such tendencies? Can we create a space to unwind and re-live childhood memories of a rural environment in an existing urban complex?


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