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I am a Job Captain at the Sciences studio at Gensler, and a creative writer at Labocine - a platform by Imagine Science Films, NYC that covers feature films created by scientists in collaboration with artists or AI

As a committee member at CTBUH, my research focuses on the transit development of NYC.

I hold a graduate degree in architecture and a certificate in New Media from UC Berkeley with an emphasis in 'Science Fiction And The Future Of California's Ecology: Studio One 2018-2019' 

My thesis ‘Half-way House for Artificial Intelligence’ was an instrumental speculation on the ethics of technology. Since then, I have tried to explore fiction and technology through design, articles, interviews and art projects. I believe in human-AI interaction and collaboration and I am currently developing ATM booths of the future.

No, I didn’t mean you, Alexa! I was talking to my blog. Wait! Don’t do that, not a computer block, not the lights! Stop!