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Reechal Mevada studied a graduate architecture program that mined science fiction to imagine California’s futures at the University of California - Berkeley. Her research ‘Half-way House for Artificial Intelligence’ was an instrumental speculation on the ethics of technology, published in 'Science Fiction And The Future Of California's Ecology: Studio One 2018-2019'  


Her work 'Poems with AI' was recently exhibited at the Starta Arta Gallery in Flatiron district, NYC:


A formally trained architect, Reechal takes particular interest in creating intuitive and visually engaging products, interfaces and communications. She recently won the People's Choice Award for designing a Prison for Cyber-crime located in the Hague, the Netherlands.

While she works at HOK, NYC on weekdays, she's often spotted exploring and documenting fiction and technology in art, film and design trying to connect like-minded Earthlings.

She's also the creative writer for Labocine - a platform by Imagine Science Films, NYC that covers feature films created by scientists in collaboration with artists or AI

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