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Reechal Mevada studied a graduate architecture program that mined science fiction to imagine California’s futures at the University of California - Berkeley. Her research ‘Half-way House for Artificial Intelligence’ was an instrumental speculation on the ethics of technology, published in 'Science Fiction And The Future Of California's Ecology: Studio One 2018-2019'  


Her work 'Poems with AI' was recently exhibited at the Starta Arta Gallery in Flatiron district, NYC:


A formally trained architect, Reechal takes particular interest in creating intuitive and visually engaging products, interfaces and communications. She recently won the People's Choice Award for designing a Prison for Cyber-crime located in the Hague, the Netherlands.

While she works in a design office in Manhattan, NYC on weekdays, she's often spotted exploring and documenting fiction and technology in art, film and design trying to connect like-minded Earthlings.

She's also the creative writer for Labocine - a platform by Imagine Science Films, NYC that covers feature films created by scientists in collaboration with artists or AI. 

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