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Updated: Apr 24

How do our own biases seep into AI algorithms?

Karen Palmer's business card reads 'AI Democratiser' and she is. A digital filmmaker and storyteller, whose immersive films combine the genres of gaming, art, science and technology discusses her films RIOT and Perception iO.

Image via Instagram @storytellerfromthefuture

She opened the dialogue at Cooper Hewitt Museum with “I don’t know how I am going to break this to you.. so I am just going to give it to you straight. I am here to tell you a story and it may sound far fetched but I am urging you to be open-minded. You see, your very future depends upon it. I have been sent from the future to deliver this important message to you today by some of the very people in this room. My name is Karen Palmer and I am the Storyteller from the Future and I have come back to enable you to survive what is to come through the power of storytelling. However, before I go any further, I kind of get a sense that everybody in this room is taking my word for the fact that I am from the future. So I am going to do something very dangerous against political number 7672 b 1X1Z 1 and I am going to tell you something from the future I could not possibly know unless I have come from here because time is of the essence and we are living in some very serious times. See, in the world that you commonly live, technology controls every single aspect of your society. However, in the time where I come from, technology controls you. So when you say something when it comes to your autonomous vehicles like your driverless cars, at the moment your main concern is really safety. However, in the time where I come from, the main issue you see, in the smart cities is security. You see, if you were to order a driverless car like uber and when you step into the vehicle and AI scans you and determines if you have any outstanding warrants against you such as for, a parking ticket or jay walking, that vehicle would be turned into what as known as a temporary police transportation device. And you will not be taken to your designated destination. You will be taken to the local police station, for processing. So I have come back here to deliver an important message for you and also show you the other side of smart cities that you may not be aware of at this time you currently live. So I am going to tell you about my work and what I do in this time and then maybe you will fully comprehend why you decided to send me back here today.”

A viewer at RIOT - Image via Thoughtworks

Riot, the interactive film uses Artificial Intelligence and facial recognition. VR affects people on a neurological level that is unpreceded. The film watches you back – it responds and branches based on your emotional state while watching the movie.

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