Project Goals

Maximize opportunities for collaboration

Create a vibrant workspace which fosters Innovation

Provide a central heart and well-connected in-between spaces

Develop amenities to enhance communal spaces

Design for post-pandemic scenario that allows flexibility

Mission Statement

Design a tech-forward lab with built-in scalability.
Life-long approach that meets the changing needs of a workspace of the future.
Create a post-pandemic design narrative that attracts talent and promotes collaboration.

A gradient scheme, bracketed on either end of the plate are hard lined facilities that accommodate for deep and focused work while closer to the center would be an opportunity to collaborate, discover and brainstorm. 

This layout offers the opportunity for future expansion as needed. With the more stationary programming along the north and south, the center allows for Lab focused work spaces to bleed into office focused work spaces and vice versa.

A private  service corridor with access to the freight elevator and a public corridor that has direct access to amenities, exit paths, restrooms. To optimize visual relationships with the more private and public programs, we established an atrium as the featured centerpiece for the project which acted as the main organizational tool when planning circulation paths.


9th floor: the GC lab located north of the plan. "We have established unique working environments such as niches such as the one located directly in front of the restrooms. And a covid friendly conference room named 'little island'  We pulled the PI offices off the south wall to allow a corridor to best utilize southern light. And we have the same general layout on level 10 with the addition of added facilities in the labs to accommodate the Biology labs."



Design Build Experience - RFP for Life Science Lab

in Manhattan

Top two floors of existing building to be converted into Science Labs - Chemistry and Biology (25000gsf each)


HOK (ny)

Collaborators: SOM, Turner Construction, Syska, AKF

Competition winner - 2nd place